Determined Marathon Runner Barrel Rolls Over the Line After Collapsing Just 12 Yards From Finish

  • 7 years ago
A video of a woman rolling her way past the finish line at the Tunnel Vision Marathon in Washington on August 20 is gaining traction after it was shared in a viral Imgur post on September 17.The original video, shared by Philip King, shows runner Devon Bieling barrel rolling after collapsing just yards from the finish.“After not being able to stand, she begin to crawl. After crawling three or four feet, the sharp gravel rocks cut her knees until the pain wouldn’t allow her to crawl. So after felling out flat again she begin to roll. She finished the whole 26.2 unassisted, even though she had to roll across the finish line,” King’s recounts in his post.The post eventually reached Bieling after a friend asked if it was her in the video, and Bieling confirmed it was her with a Facebook post of her own — which can be seen below.A comment from Bieling on King’s post states that she still managed to qualify for the Boston Marathon, despite her setback.King’s video had over 37,000 views at the time of writing, and an Imgur post shared by Bieling’s husband Dustin had been viewed 217,178 times. Credit: Philip King via Storyful