How 5 of your favorite cocktails got their names

  • 7 years ago
How 5 of your favorite cocktails got their names Sex on the Beach The invention of the cocktail dates back to 1987 in Florida, USA.
A bartender thought what the main reason for people to visit Florida in their Spring Break was.
The answer?
The Beach and Sex. Cuba Libre “Cuba Libre,” a mixture of Bacardi Rum and Coca-Cola with a twist of lime, translates to “Free Cuba” and celebrates the Caribbean island’s independence from Spain. Old Fashioned When it became popular in the late 1800s to introduce liqueurs into cocktail recipes, the older, more basic recipes that omitted them, became known as “old fashioned” cocktails. Mimosa The mimosa takes its name from the mimosa plant, Acacia dealbata, which produces bright orange-yellow flowers, just like the color of mixed champagne and orange juice. Bellini The pale orange-red color of a classic Bellini cocktail reportedly reminded its inventor, Giuseppe Cipriani, of a similar color often used in paintings by the Venetian artist Giovanni Bellini.