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Sreenath Treated Her Drunken Wife - V I P Malayalam Movie Scene

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"V I P" Malayalam Movie Part - Sreenath , Sumalatha

V.I.P. is a 1989 Indian Malayalam film directed by Asha Khan.

Directed by-Asha Khan
Starring - Sreenath , Sumalatha
Producer(s) -Abhinaya Enterprises
Release dates -1989
Country -India

"VIP" is a dramatic Malayalam Movie. This is an entirely different movie in handling the subject.The Movie starts with Jony & Hema, both love birds in a remote village. But due to family responsibilities Johny fails to marry her in time. And her family proposes a marriage. But due to failure in giving dowry the marriage gets dropped. In the next frame Hema goes to town with Johny in need of a Job. And she gets a Job as receptionist in the Hotel where Johny works. The romantic days of Johny & Hema starts from then, But the whole story gets upside down when the Manager of the hotel tactically rapes Hema. After that incident she decides to market her meet for money. When Johny come to know about this he attacks the manager. But the manager kills him through roudies. Later Hema goes to native with her all money. And she manages her marriage again with the same man. What may happen on the Marriage day?? simply watch and find out.

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