Nerf Gun Battle! Ultimate Nerf Rival Khaos Blaster Ethan Vs. Cole Nerf Gun Attack! Round 4

  • 7 years ago
Round 4 of Ethan Vs Cole Nerf Blaster battle has begun! Ethan starts the attack with a Zombie Nerf gun. Then the boys move on to Nerf Elite. And finish it with a .
Ethan has started a huge Nerf Rival battle! He is bored, and decides to attack the whole family with his Nerf Rival Khaos. Some items go missing, and Ethan .
I made the Worlds Largest Nerf Gun Air Cannon! #Nerf (The Ultimate Nerf War Master Gun) Previous Nerf Video (Ultimate Nerf War): .
The boys are at it with the Nerf guns again. This time its with the Nerf Hail-Fire and a giant bubble escape pod. Coles Nerf gun isnt quite as big as Ethans.