Fear not, NBA Finals tickets are somewhat affordable this year

7 years ago
Do you usually resort to scalping tickets? Well, you may not have to for the 2017 NBA Finals. The cheapest ticket price has dropped a somewhat considerable amount from $665 in 2015 to $423, according to secondary ticket sale and research site TicketIQ. The aforementioned prices are for Golden State home games, so what about those at Quicken Loans Arena? Folks heading to Cleveland for a game can expect to shell out $344 this year, compared to $339 in 2016 and $327 in 2015. The overall asking price for an NBA Finals ticket is down to $1,248 from $1,362 in 2016 and $1,559 in 2015. And if you got the big bucks, a game 7 ticket in Oakland will fetch at least $878.