10 Ways to Protect Yourself from the Flu
  • 7 years ago
Influenza, Or Flu, Is A Respiratory Illness Caused By A Virus. Flu Is Highly Contagious And Is Usually Spread By The Coughs And Sneezes Of An Infected Person Eager To Learn Some Smart Tips For Flu Prevention Here Are 10 Ways To Do So 1. Keep Your Hands Off Your Face. Germs Can Travel From Your Hands Into Your Mouth Or Nasal Passages. 2. Exercise Regularly. 3. Sleep Regularly: Seven To Nine Hours Of Night Is Ideal 4. Do Not Binge Drink Or Over Drink At All. 5. Drink Fluids: Eight Glasses Of A Non-Caffeinated Beverage A Day. 6. Eat A Nutrient-Dense Diet Daily. 7. Get Your Flu Shot And Keep All Immunizations Up To Date. 8. See Your Doctor Yearly Or As Needed 9. Stay Positive, Mindful And Do Good Things. 10. If You Start To Feel Ill, Stay Home So Your Germs Don't Spread To Those Around You.