Stranger tries to kidnap baby inside Philadelphia Dunkin’ Donuts

  • 7 years ago
PHILADELPHIA — Hide yo kids, hide yo wife — there’s a would-be kidnapper in Philly who just might snatch your babies in broad daylight.

WTSP reports that one couple was on a morning donuts run with their baby when the unthinkable happened. The parents were waiting in line inside a Center City Dunkin’ Donuts, with the stroller parked just a few inches from where they stood.

The baby caught the attention of a creepy customer, who is seen in surveillance footage approaching the stroller. A witness in the store later said that the man shouted “That’s my baby!” before reaching in and putting his hands on the tot. The parents luckily managed to shove the weirdo away before he could do anything else.

By the time the cops arrived, the family had gone, but the strange man was still around, and was temporarily detained.

Philadelphia police say they need the parents to come forward to get more details of what happened, and possibly press charges against the man, who apparently has a reputation for strange, and sometimes lewd acts.