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New Series Uncovers Horrifying Details About Paul Walker’s Death

Star Magazine
Star Magazine
Could Paul Walker have survived his tragic car crash? Might he still be with us today? Those are the questions a new Reelz special called Paul Walker: Collision Course will answer, StarMagazine.com has exclusively learned.
As Star reported, Walker was killed in 2013, while riding as a passenger in a high-performance car driven by friend and professional race car driver, Roger Rodas.
However, Rodas lost control of the car on a quiet industrial street in Valencia, Calif., and crashed it.
“When the collision happened, the Carrera GT was basically cut in half,” attorney Craig McClellan said during a sneak peek clip. “The passenger compartment forward went one way, the gas tank and engine compartment went the other way. And Paul Walker was caught in between.”
At that point, Walker was trapped in the car when the car engulfed into flames.
“And what that did was, it just jackknifed Paul Walker into the seat, breaking the seat back, breaking his ribs, his collarbone and his upper arm bone,” McClellan continued.
Rodas died on impact, but Walker was still alive! Traces of soot in his trachea revealed he was still breathing after the fire started.
“He was breathing, and he wasn’t able to get out because he was strapped in,” added McClellan. “It was a survivable collision.”
Find out more about the shocking crash and the legacy the actor left behind when Paul Walker: Collision Course premieres on March 18 at 9 pm ET on Reelz.
Watch a sneak peek right here on StarMagzine.com!
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