Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled Review First Ride

  • 7 years ago
Another Ducati Scrambler? Hell yeah. This one’s designed to go off-road so we sent Llewelyn Pavey into the desert to do some skids.

The retro café racer, scrambler, 1960’s bike fashion revolution is running stronger than ever and that means we’re getting more off-the-shelf bikes that look more custom-built. Ducati is leading the charge with its expanded Scrambler line, which includes the new Desert Sled.

The Scrambler of 2015 and 2016 is a solid bike. It’s not great but it is good. The price was fair, the styling both Ducati, retro and inoffensive, and it's likeable. It had some quirks that left me wanting a little; the suspension felt cheap and harsh and the power delivery from roll on was as abrupt as Ducati could make it but it’s good enough that if you like the the styling, you’d probably be a pretty happy bunny cruising around on it.

Now 2017 is here, we’ve entered into an age of more severe emission rules and more versions of the same model. The Desert Sled is a Scrambler that has been re-tweaked and beefed up to go off-road in a throw back to the late 60s when off-road bikes were road bikes that had were adulterated in a workshop.

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