Atheists are honest people who clearly admit their disbelief in God, whereas hypocrites are treacherous cowards

7 yıl önce
ADNAN OKTAR: "Mr. Oktar. I am an atheist and I have to conceal this fact due to ostracism in Turkey. Despite being an atheist, I follow your programs. I have become fond of you thanks to the religious knowledge you impart. You have sparked an interest in me towards the religion of Islam. You have shared so many miraculous facts that I now understand better why they criticize you. May you always find success in your endeavors. Your perseverance in pursuing your goals regardless of the obstacles in your way is one of your many traits that attest to your strong-willed personality. I will always support you as an avid follower of your programs. My sincerest regards, Mr. Oktar.” I love all the atheist youth. I am good friends with all of them. They can confide in me, they can come visit us whenever they want for a friendly conversation. We can discuss, they can also ask me questions. I have utmost respect for them. Because they are honest about their beliefs, saying, "I am an atheist and I do not believe in God. Tell me about your religion and if your explanations satisfy me, I will believe. I do not hold any grudges against Islam, nor do I attack the religion." On the other hand, hypocrites are truly treacherous. They infiltrate Muslim communities and try to gnaw away Muslims like a worm. Of course, they never succeed, but still, they remain a pestilence. But their capacity for mischief further dignifies the positions, the ranks of Muslims.
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