Lemon and tiger sharks get uncomfortably close to divers

  • 7 years ago
Scary footage of tiger and lemon sharks getting uncomfortably close to a group of divers.

The video, filmed off the coast of the Cayman Islands, shows the curious sharks investigating and sometimes shunting the divers, with a tiger shark getting extremely close to the filmer at one stage in the clip.

The filmer later wrote online: "The sharks got pretty frisky on this dive and both I and other divers had to nudge a couple away.

"This was the only dive where I've ever had even the slightest concern, as they just kept bumping me."

"However, I knew they were just being a little aggressively curious - but not in the 'I'm trying to determine if I want to eat your face' kind of way," she continued.

"A tiger comes up to me head-on, with the coolest mean mug ever."