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Opening giant clam of pyramid snails.

Giant clams are no myth. In New England, people love clam chowder, but in the Pacific, some of the clams are as big as a suitcase! On an expedition to Micronesia, Jonathan goes in search of Giant Clams. These clams are so big that people used to think they caught people--and it almost looks like they could. It turns out that the problem is too many people eating the clams.
Compared to those little New England clams, this tropical clam is a monster. But I heard about giant Killer clams here in the tropical Pacific that can reach 3 feet across and several hundred pounds. The real question is why do they call them Killer Clams? Do they kill people? Can they grab you by the foot? I don’t know but we’re here to find out.

I have come to the middle of the Pacific ocean to find a Giant clam, more specifically known as the Tridacna clam.

In the Marshall Islands, people have been eating Tridacna clams for thousands of years. A mature Tridacna can feed quite a few people. Except for being a bit heavy, hunting these clams isn’t very hard…it’s not like they can get away. So they have been over-harvested in most of the Pacific, and finding them these days is not an easy task.

I set out to a secret place in the Marshall Islands where there are supposed some giant clams.

Well, this is the spot so I guess now its time to go look for some killer clams!

When I hit the water, I start to search for the clam. The reef is beautiful, with healthy coral everywhere. This is a perfect place for a Tridacna. All I have to do is look around.

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