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Nursery rhymes for babies. Mary Had a Little Lamb. Children learning songs. Super simple songs

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Play Doh TV
Nursery rhymes for babies. Children learning songs - Mary Had a Little Lamb. Song for children on the channel Baby Games. Farm Way games are waiting for you! The pig is already so thick. They must work harder to lose weight. If you are fast enough, they will soon be flying everywhere sausages. Keep your eyes peeled and Gold Watch for flying sausage and ham. The horse has a problem with odor and flies. Hit them all before time runs out. Rabbit loves carrots. Pull those tasty carrots from the ground as quickly as possible! Help the hen lay eggs. You need to tap them quickly to get as many eggs. A Watch for our specially dyed Easter egg. At a time when most plants are blooming, bees collect pollen and make honey. Especially careful watch on the bear's paw and carnivorous plants.

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