"HANNITY" Hosted by Sean Hannity | Fox News Show | December 21, 2016
  • 7 years ago
Gingrich: Obama 'Paying Off Every Liberal Ally' Through Final Actions

President Obama's recent executive actions in his final month as commander-in-chief are a way to "pay-off" political allies before he leaves office, Newt Gingrich said on "Hannity".

Gingrich said that if President-elect Donald Trump repeals the new ban of sorts on oil exploration in swaths of the Arctic Ocean, such actions will become easy "campaign fodder for 2018".

"Obama is paying off every left-wing ally he has," he said, adding that the Democrats "learned nothing" from the 2016 elections.

Gingrich also said Trump bested Hillary Clinton because Americans "felt liberals didn't have any solutions" for issues like terrorism.

Trump is willing to ignore political correctness in the battle against ISIS and other terror groups, he said.