Kannada Actors Drown During Stunt Scene - Stunt Gone Wrong

  • 8 years ago
We are very sad to inform about the shocking death of two actors, Uday and Anil, who drowned during an action sequence of a Kannada movie Masti Gudi.
They jumped off a helicopter into the reservoir, 35km west of Bengaluru, when around 3 pm Monday afternoon the stunt went wrong.
A motorboat stationed on the banks to pull the actors out of the water developed a last-minute hurdle and remained ashore, resulting in the tragedy.
Speaking to a Kannada news channel before performing the stunt, Uday had said he was "scared" of the stunt and was not good at swimming.
Duniya Vijay, hero of the movie, who also made the jump with the other two, survived, as he was rescued in the nick of time by a local who rushed to his help in a coracle and also had the access to a live jacket while the other two actors did not.
How tragic it is to lose a life in real to capture a moment for a reel show.
We at Movie Talkies offer our condolences to the actors who have lost their lives.