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Various Artists - Best Dance Music Mix - House & Soulful Uk Session Vol. 3 - Club Music

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Enjoy this Best Dance Music Mix - House & Soulful Uk Session Vol. 3 - Club Music

1. Forty - Get Up Stand Up (Barattini Remix)
2. Froggy Mix ft. Snoop Dogg - C'Est Party! (Dethy Remix)
3. Crasty feat. Carol - Friend (Club Mix)
4. Dj Francesco Castelli - Mas Tango (Extended Mix)
5. S.E.X.Y. - Go Boom (Extended Mix)
6. Stereo Touch & Relight Orchestra ft. Didascalis - Soundfade (Mark Lanzetta & Robert Eno Club Mix)
7. Manyus - Save Me (Manyus Original Mix)
8. Dagmar Gruuve feat. Menno - Not A Game (Beethoven TBS Original Mix)
9. Dabo feat. Larry Ray - Bam Bam (Josh White Remix)
10. Alex Barattini - You Got It (Holborn Remix)
11. Bar & Bar - Together Forever (Extended Mix)
12. Armando Traglia feat. Ladyvox - Anyway (Edit Extended)
13. House Family - Welcome To My World (Fonzie Ciaco Original Mix)
14. Hearts Of Glass - Touch Me (Original Mix)
15. Federico Cattaneo - World In Party (Stè Dagostino & Stiven Metaj Remix)

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