Jack O'Lantern | scary rhymes | halloween song | nursery rhymes | kids rhymes

  • 8 years ago
There are many scary pumpkins, but there is only one Jack O Lantern, and it only comes out of the Scary Woods on Jack O Lantern’s night. It loves to catch you toddlers by surprise, but if one you spots it, you will definitely win the Halloween prize! But how can you preschoolers spot this Jack O Lantern? Maybe this Jack O Lantern scary rhyme will help you out. But be quick, because there are other Halloween monsters that want their hands on the Halloween prize. We will give you babies a hint: It is hidden in this compilation of Halloween videos and scary songs for kids! So click Play quick, so that you get the prize before the monsters!
Music and Lyrics: Copyright USP Studios™
Video: Copyright USP Studios™