Bitchcraft Outtakes & Bloopers!

7 years ago
What it says on the tin. Bitchcraft outtakes and bloopers!
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About Bitchcraft:
When a young girl named Gemma Black (Jahannah James) returns to live at her family home after losing her boyfriend and job, she is horrified to discover that her mother (Fay Ripley) has become a practicing witch.

This episode features Darcy Thomas, Noel Sullivan (Hearsay) Matt Gammie (KateModern) Ania Sowinski (Luther) and The Multiverse's very own Jamie Lennox!

As Gemma struggles to get her life back on track in a neighbourhood infused with black magic, it isn't long before she realises that she may too possess the power to manipulate the dark forces for her own benefit. will Gemma follow her mother and brother into the dark or will she decide to fight back and bring sanity back to her family and neighbourhood?

Starring Fay Ripley, Johannah James, Javone Prince, Max Wrottesley, Kick the PJ AKA PJ Liguori, Sam Swann, Noel Sullivan, Matt Gammie, Jamie Lennox, Darcy Thomas, Nick Dutton, Marc Small and many more.

Directed by Luke Hyams
Written by Isabella Hyams
Produced by Michelle Craig for Holster Studios

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