Can Fethullah Gülen say 'those who ran over civilians with tanks, who opened fire at the people from helicopters are treacherous villains'?

  • 8 yıl önce
ADNAN OKTAR: The F16s used by the coup plotters turned out to be the ones that have been kept loaded in case of a defensive emergency of Turkey. They dropped the bombs that were supposed to be used against the enemy on people.

Especially on the Special Operations Department building, the vile, treacherous, dishonorable cowards! These brave, courageous, valiant people gave their lives for the sake of God and Islam. They sacrificed themselves to God. Why did you rain bombs on these people, you traitors. It is unbelievable. They caught the special operation forces, who fought wholeheartedly against the PKK with all their might, unawares in their sleep. They were martyred with the guns that were bought with our taxes to be used against the enemy with our taxes. What does Fethullah Gülen say about this treachery? Let us hear him say it.  I want to hear him say, "This is a great villainy, a terrible treachery. They bombed and martyred young boys and girls, innocent believers in their sleep. These are the vilest people on earth."
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