Jack And Jill | 3D Nursery Rhymes For Baby And Childrens | Songs For Toddlers

  • 8 years ago
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Jack And Jill went up the hill is an appropriate nursery rhyme for parents to teach kids sibling values. The kids song talks about a brother-sister pair named Jack And Jill going up a hill to fetch a pail of water. Unfortunately, Jack loses his balance and falls down. So does Jill. They both get up, dust themselves and take the water to their mummy. As sibling go, Jill laughs at Jack while he is being nursed by mommy dearest. And mummy gives her a nice scolding. The rhyme is a lesson in how sibling should be of help to each other. It’s of great help to kindergarten teachers, too. For teaching toddlers sharing and helping. So now that you’ve had your daily dose of good lesson,s it’s time for fun playing, jumping, singing and dancing!