The symbols in Osman Hamdi’s paintings are important for those having the mindset of the British Deep State

  • 8 yıl önce
ADNAN OKTAR: Deviant religions, deviant beliefs and secret organizations have talked to their followers through symbolic poems, symbolic pictures or secret signs hidden in various paintings since time immemorial. It has always been a known fact. For this reason, our brothers should pay the utmost attention to secret symbols in poems and texts they read, or in pictures, sculptures and reliefs they see. What are they trying to tell; what do they want to inject into the subconscious? Look, for example, when we look at Osman Hamdi Bey’s paintings, we see that almost all of the men in them are effeminate. Feminine postures, feminine figures and feminine bodies: This is a method for manipulating people at the subconscious level. Candles are a symbol he generally used. When we think what the candle refers to, we see that it has a particular meaning in the Mawlawi Order, in Rumism. The candle has a particular meaning in Freemasonry, too. Quilted turban of Mawlawis has a particular meaning. For instance, in a painting there is a woman sitting, where? In front of a mihrab which is where the prophets stand. She is sitting how? With her back to the Qibla. What did he put under her feet? Qur’an copies.  Qur’an copies but how? Strewn and trampled Qur’an copies. He used the Qur’an lectern as a seat. The painting is full of symbols. This can be seen in old pagan religions, too. For example, you can see a demonic symbol in a silver pitcher, or on the handle of a tea cup or anywhere on it. This is a method for influencing people’s subconscious minds with objects they always see. For example, a person’s fountain pen; they put a demonic figure on the pen and that person remembers satan whenever he sees it. In this way, he sees an expression opposed to religion whenever he sees it. For instance, they have a palace constructed and they use the symbols representing their own beliefs in the architectural style of the palace. The common people don’t know about this. When the people don’t know about this, male and female hypocrites, male and female idolaters, male and female unbelievers and male and female evildoers rejoice at it. They say, “Look, they don’t understand, but we do. We communicate on the sly; we communicate on the sly among us because they are stupid,” -may God forbid- “we are smart.” What good does it make if you are smart in evil? Your way is evil, your way is foulness. What does it matter? It only helps you going deeper into hell. That’s all. Also God punishes you in this world too and you will be more humiliated; you will become more dishonorable, more ignoble and more unlovely. There is someone watching you in the fourth dimension, right? Do you know about that? “No” he