6 years ago

Rock Band Rivals - Rivals Mode Feature Reveal Trailer (2016)

Official Rock Band Rivals Rivals Mode Feature Reveal Trailer (2016). Do more than just rock the world… Join a Crew and emerge victorious over your rivals! This is Rivals Mode, and we’re here to tell you all about it.

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Rivals Mode is your first real taste at the competitive side of Rock Band – score chasers can gain ranks in the leaderboards, but what does it really mean to be on top? You’ll be creating a Crew with up to 10 of your closest bandmates and setting off to promote your team in a series of Weekly Challenges. Each week will bring forth a new challenge, ranging from prompts like, “All songs with ‘love’ in the title” to, “Tracks released in the ‘80s”. You can gain Experience Points for any tracks that fall into these themes as long as the challenge is active. There will also be three specific Spotlight Songs that are included in the Weekly Challenge theme. The highest aggregate score across all instruments for these three songs can earn your Crew major points. Find your place above the rest by earning Crew promotions each week, where you can then laugh at the Rivals Crews who have fallen below you.

What’s the best way to succeed at Rivals Mode? The answer is simple: keep on playing Rock Band 4. Every score you contribute to your Crew is another step in the right direction. More information about Rivals Mode can be found on our blog: http://www.harmonixmusic.com/blog/rivals-mode-feature-details-rock-band-companion-app