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Cape Karma | Tisca Chopra, Rahul Dev | Full Length Thriller Bollywood Movie

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Man has long ascribed to fate or destiny the problems he felt powerless to resist, resigning himself to these perceived forces. It is believed that if man commits an act of good or evil, he himself becomes the heir to that action. This is the concept of Karma, derived from the Sanskrit word kri meaning action. In Cape Karma, Manav (Sanskrit for man), played by Rahul Dev, has a strange destiny in store for him. He is a lonely man, perpetually at a crossroad. Willing to play his choices and eager to enjoy his freedom, he is ever ready for one-night stands with strange women, ready for new excitement, ready for...anything. And yet...little does he know that he is a on the edge of a dangerous precipice in life. When his car crashes off the highway, he stumbles out to discover a mysterious door right in the middle of the highway. A bewildered Manav opens it and crosses over to the other side. Though nothing seems to have changed, his life will never be the same again. A Mercedes stops to offer him a lift. Inside it is the most extraordinary woman that Manav has ever seen. Tall with striking features, shoulder length cascading hair and a flaming bindi, every inch of her voluptuous body seems to be exuding raw sensuality. Her name is Maya (Sanskrit for illusion) Played by Audrie Woodeshouse. The more that Manav sees of Maya, the more he is charmed by her vivacity. And yet, there is an air of mystery around her. Try as he might, he cannot figure her out nor can he have her. He can see that she is drawn to him, but is determinedly holding herself back. On the surface, it would appear that she is playing with him. Hopelessly in love now, Manav waits. He knows that she is struggling with some terrible dilemma. Then she returns. She wants him, but is bound to a sadistic husband, who treats her like a possession, with contempt. This time, she finally makes move to Manav. Every sexual promise that Manav had fantasized about is more that fulfilled with her. The lovers go on a wild ride, going as far as their sexual fantasies will take them. Gloriously in love with Manav, she seems to forget her marital shackled and he seems to obliterate his past. What follows is a series of events that make Manav realize that Cape Karma has a strange surprise in store fro him. He soon finds himself hurtling along a frightening journey. Surreal, bizarre, demonic -- a terrifying ride into the whirlpool of madness begins.

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