7 years ago

Remembering Guru Rinpoche's far-reaching impact on birth anniversary

The birth anniversary of Guru Rinpoche, revered as the second Buddha, was celebrated with grandeur in Bhutan.

People from all across the valley and beyond arrived in a disciplined file, young and old, dressed immaculately in traditional clothes, to witness the unveiling of a 110-feet thangka depicting Guru Padmasambhava. It was a moment of deep prayers and reverence on this special day of the Buddhist calendar. It was also an occasion to understand the Guru’s life and beliefs and see his physical manifestation through performances by masked dancers. Organized by the Center for Escalation of Peace and Center for Bhutan Studies, the event was another attempt to reinforce the close religious and cultural connect between the South Asian countries that Guru Padmasambhava travelled through leaving a lasting imprint of peace in the region.

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