US Elections 2016: Who has the hottest daughters, Republicans or Democrats? - TomoNews
  • 8 years ago
WASHINGTON — As quite possibly the most pivotal election of the 21st century quickly approaches in the U.S., important questions still beg to be asked.

What Americans want to know as they head to the polls this November is clearly who has the hottest daughters, Republicans or Democrats?

In the veep daughter race, GOP Hoosiers Gov. Mike Pence brings Charlotte and Audrey Pence to the game. Charlotte is the older of the two and looks, well, older.

Annella Kaine, Tim Kaine’s daughter, is representing the Dems in the race for number two. Annella can also sing and play the guitar. So is that a plus or a minus?

In the title fight, Chelsea Clinton will face off for the Democrats. Chelsea has spent most of her life in the public eye. Some would say she’s a bit of a butterface, but hey, who are we to judge?

And of course, Donald Trump has his two daughters Tiffany and Ivanka. Clearly Tiffany is considered less Trumpy as she was forced to speak on Day 2 of the RNC, while Ivanka’s speech was saved for Day 4.

Donald also has a special relationship with Ivanka that has stretched back decades. And by special, we mean weird. But we’re not here to pass judgement.

So America, who floats your boat?