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WON's Back In Time-WPIX 1970s-2000s Promos, WPIX News Intros & WPIX Sports Intros/Promos-MUST SEE!!

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Welcome to another installment of WON-TV's Back In Time. This is series which goes back in to a time period when TV was good....This installment focuses on WPIX Movie, News and Sports Coverage...Take A Look and Enjoy! This episode is Featuring Bumpers, Movie/News/Sports Intros, and Promos from the historic New York iconic station from the independent days to the CW days from the 1970s to the 2000s.

(WON EXCLUSIVE) For the first time ever! You'll be able to see WPIX Sports Intros and promo dating back to when the Yankees were on WPIX to the day the station transitioned to the Mets in 1999. These clips have not be seen in almost 10 to 25 years.You'll also see WPIX News Intros and Movie Intros as well (including the ones from 2002-2006) IT'S A MUST SEE!

This video includes the following:
WPIX-TV IDs & Movie Intros:
1-WPIX 11 ALIVE ID # 1 (1977-1981)
2-WPIX 11 ALIVE ID # 2 (1977-1981)
3-WPIX 11 ALIVE ID (1982-1984)
4-WPIX 11 STATION ID (1986-1990)
5-WPIX 11 STATION ID (1990-1995)
6-WPIX WB11 STATION (1995-2006)
7-WPIX 8 O'CLOCK MOVIE INTRO (1982-1985)
8-WPIX Movie Intro (1986-1989)
9-WPIX Afternoon Movie Intros (1990-1995) EXCLUSIVE!
1) Superman (1993)
2) Hooper (1992)
3) Dead Man's Folly (1991)
4) 13 At Dinner (1991)
10-WPIX WB11 Sunday Afternoon Movie Intro & Bumpers (1996-2001) EXCLUSIVE!
1) Supergirl Bumpers (2000)
2) Superman 4 Bumpers (2000)
11-WPIX WB 11 Movie Bumpers (2001-2006) Hasn't Been Seen Since 06'-EXCLUSIVE!

1-WPIX Sports Presentation Intro: 1995-2006
2-WPIX Yankees Intro 1982-1985 (NO GAME FOOTAGE)
3-WPIX Yankees Intro 1986-1989 (NO GAME FOOTAGE)
4-WPIX Yankees Intro 1990-1991 (NO GAME FOOTAGE)
5-WPIX Mets Intro 1999-2001 (NO GAME FOOTAGE)
6-WPIX Mets Intro 2002 (NO GAME FOOTAGE)
7-WPIX Mets Intro 2003-2005 (NO GAME FOOTAGE)
8-WPIX Yankees Promos 1987
9-WPIX A's Vs. Yankees Promo 1993
10-WPIX Royals Vs. Yankees Promo 1993
11-WB11 Brewers Vs. Yankees Promo # 1-1996
12-WB11 Brewers Vs. Yankees Promo # 2-1996
13-WB11 Red Sox Vs. Yankees Promo 1995
14-WB11 White Sox Vs. Yankees Promo # 1-1995
15-WB 11 Cardinals Vs. Mets Promo 2002
16-WB 11 Jets Vs Colts Promo 2002
17-WPIX Giants Vs. Patriots Promo 1976

WPIX Promos:
1-WPIX Afternoon Block 1982
2-WPIX Voyage Of Terror Promo 1990
3-WPIX The Exorcist 2 Promo 1985
4-WPIX King Kong Promo 1986
5-WPIX Pump Up The Volume Promo 1991
6-WPIX A Force Of One (2 Promos) 1989
7-WPIX Death Wish 4 Promo 1989
8-WPIX Fire-starter Promo 1989
9-WPIX The Howling Promo 1990
10-WPIX The Blob Promo 1991
11-WPIX Invaders from Mars Promo 1992
12-WPIX A Solder's Story Promo 1992
13-WPIX Oscars Movies Promo 1992
14-WPIX Bobby Rivers Late Night Special Promo 1986
15-WPIX Cartoon Promo 1995
16-WPIX Superman Week Promo 1990
17-WPIX Superman Promo 1990
18-WPIX Superman 4 Promo 1990
19-WPIX Superman 3 Promo 1993
20-WPIX Superman 4 Promo 1993
21-WPIX May Movies Promo 1993
22-WPIX Clash Of The Titans/Beastmaster Promo 1993
23-WPIX Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Promo 1993

WPIX News:
1-WPIX NewsBreak #1 1993
2-WPIX NewsBreak #2 1993
3-WPIX INN Jerry Girard Promo 1987
4-WPIX News At Ten Promo 1993
5-WPIX NewsBreak #3 1993
6-WPIX Action News Intro 1977-1981
7-WPIX USA Tonight Intro 1987
8-WPIX News At Ten Intro (2) 1990-1994
9-WPIX News At Ten Intro 1994-1995
10-WPIX News At Ten Intro 1996-1998
11-WPIX News At Ten Intro 1999-2001
12-WPIX News At Ten Intro 2002-2006

All media is used under Section 107 of the Fair Usage USA Copyright Act, as well as the Compilation and News Reports sections of the USA Copyright Act. All videos are for the enjoyment of the viewer. No Copyright Infringement Intended against WPIX-TV, Yankees, Mets, Jets, Giants, CBS/Paramount, Time Warner/Turner and etc.