Ajaz Khan Asking For $EX To A Model | WHATS APP Conversation LEAKED

  • 8 years ago
Ajaz khan has entered a new problem and this is an accusation by model actress Aishwarya choubey. yes, the actress has accused him of sending him vulgar photos. Aishwarya is the same model who once claimed she has an affair with Salman Khan. Difficult to say now if Ajaz was wrong or not. Meanwhile everything is not too good for ajaz for he has been booked after aishwarya’s complaint.
ajaz shot to popularity after his stint in bigg boss . he was also seen taking active participation in the matters that followed post the death of pratyusha banerjee the popular telestar. ajaz now is in a spot as he has been held responsible for some vulgar photo uploads. well isnt this a bit quirky considering actress aishwarya’s past?