Tum Yaad Aaye - ARY Digital

  • 8 years ago
Hear what silence has to say and look into these eyes to find the secrets of unsaid love! Love is everywhere… Sometimes you fail to recognize it!!

But failure is never final where love exists… No matter what relationship it is, love remains real even when the relations are not!

Love is always in the quest of truth and for sure it is a beautiful thing but many people realize when it’s too late…

Let’s see what all the characters of this story have to say about,

“Zaini is a college going girl who is completely engrossed in her studies and is very emotional and hyper sensitive. Being overprotected by her stepfather and step brother, she has very less exposed to the outer world. With the passage of time, she bumps into her relatives whom she had never met before.From this point on, she goes in the quest of finding the true meaning of family and relationships where she gets tangled in love and its reality”. (Sehar Afzal)