Soda-Pop-Tarts?!?!?! - Food Feeder

  • 8 years ago
You no longer need to drink soda with your Pop-Tarts because soda flavored Pop-Tarts are now a thing!

Pop-Tarts already come in a huge variety of flavors, some are kind of crazy, and they’re getting even more crazy because somebody thought it would be a good idea to make root beer and orange soda flavored Pop-Tarts. The A&W Root Beer one supposedly has a “bubbly” root beer flavor while the Orange Crush one has a citrusy orange soda flavor. We’re not sure how they are going to make these Pop-Tarts soda-like or what bubbly flavor is, but if we can find them we’ll be tasting them.

Want to know more about soda flavored Pop-Tarts?:

Do you think root beer and orange soda Pop-Tarts sound good? Have you tried them? How are they? How do they make the flavor bubbly? Do you think they should make other soda flavored Pop-Tarts?


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