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Direct torrent Download Unlimited using IDM

how to download any torrent file by using idm - unlimited torrent size (no zbigz) 2016*updated*

follow this steps:-
step 1=copy "torrent url or magnet url" of torrent file as shown in video
step 2=go to http://www.direct-torrents.com/
step 3=past torrent url or magnet url and than click on download
step 4=click on your torrent file as shown in video
step 5=than check on "i am not robot" than it will show you one add so wait for few swcond and than skip that add.
step 6=than you will see "go to source code" so click on "go to source code"

after following above steps your downloading will be start automatically.

why we need to use direct torrent?
answer:Because direct downloads are often faster than torrent downloads: you don't need to install any torrent client and let it run for hours before getting your files, just click on the link, and let your favorite download manager do the job at blazing speeds.

how it direct torrent works?
answer:Direct Torrents is basicaly a big torrent client (seedbox) that runs 24/7 with a comfortable bandwidth. direct torrent let you add torrents to our server and simply serves the files to you through direct download links.

some limitation of direct torrent:-
-they do not support privacy, so, to prevent any abuse, our direct download links are individuals and cannot be shared, they will only be available from the IP address where the torrent was requested.
-We will automatically delete:
torrents larger than 10Gb, torrents that didn't get any seeds after 1 hour, torrents that couldn't be downloaded after 3 hours (queue time excluded)

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