Universal Revenge Of The Mummy FLORIDA Ride Night Vision POV Universal Studios Roller Coaster

  • il y a 8 ans
This is a Night Vision POV of Revenge Of The Mummy The Ride in Universal Studios, Orlando Florida. Video just includes a Night Vision POV but a Complete Experience is coming soon. Enjoy and Watch in HD. Video was filmed with a Sony XR500v, the same camera I use in most of my Night Vision videos. \r
Length: 2200 \r
Inversions: 0 \r
Speed: 45 mph \r
Duration: 2:57 \r
Max Vertical Angle: 50 Degrees\r
Revenge of the Mummy is an enclosed steel roller coaster featured at Universal Studios Florida. The roller coaster is based upon the popular Mummy movie franchise directed by Stephen Sommers. It opened on May 21, 2004 and was built by Premier Rides. The ride was reputed to be built at a cost of $45,000,000 USD. It has a minimum passenger height requirement of 48 inches (1.2 m).\r
The Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster uses Linear induction motors (LIM), a technology used to launch riders from a complete standstill. The ride features three LIM launches.\r
The roller coaster lasts nearly three minutes and features a top speed of 45 mph (72 km/h). The track is 2,200-foot (670 m) long featuring no inversions, 80 degree banked turns, and a 50 degree angle of descent. The building housing the roller coaster was previously home to one of Universals landmark attractions, Kongfrontation. Homages to the Kong attraction can be found in several areas within the Mummy attraction, including a golden statue of King Kong in the second scene of the ride.\r
Although the roller coaster shares a name with several around the world, each has a unique plot and track layout.\r
As the ride begins, the mine cars move into another room inside Imhoteps tomb, where Reggie (a Revenge of the Mummy crew member who was missing on the set) is seen partly mummified and warns the riders: Are you insane? Get out of here! The curse is real; this whole place is a trap! He is after your souls! Look for the medjai symbol. Its your only hope! Before Reggie can finish his sentence, Imhotep then comes out of a sarcophagus, shouts, Silence!, sucks out Reggies soul, and tells riders, With your souls, I shall rule for all eternity! The cars next move into a second room where there is treasure on the left and right sides of the car and Imhotep appears from the sand in front of a tomb mural and tempts the riders: Serve me and savor riches beyond measure, or refuse and savor a more bitter treasure. Soldier mummies appear in front of the treasure. The car then quickly moves into another room where the mine car hits a wall and scarab beetles come pouring out of a wall in front of the riders. The car drops backwards and turns in a 180 degree circle before stopping. Imhotep appears again on a screen above the riders and warns that Not even the Medjai can save you now. There is no escape...Your end shall be my beginning...Behold your fate.. Then the ride catapults guests at speeds up to 45 mph in virtual darknes as Imhotep states: Your souls are mine! The mine car enters trough Imhoteps skull and drops through various turns past projections of mummies and fire. There are, however, no inversions. The car comes to a stop after this, and a female ride attendant appears behind a glassed control booth and thanks them for riding, but Imhotep sucks out her soul, breaks the glass, and sets the ceiling on fire while shouting Prepare to forfeit your souls! Death is only the beginning! The car then drops down 39 ft (the highest drop in the ride) and goes down a winding drop until a Medjai symbol appears while Imhotep shouts NÖOO! as the vehicle passes through the Medjai symbol. Brendan Fraser/Rick OConnell appears on a screen in front of them and yells at his assistant for a cup of coffee. Instead, Imhotep appears and hands it to him, followed by Fraser staring up at the character. The screen goes to black as the screams of Fraser and the roars of Imhotep are heard. Riders are directed to exit through an actual unload station.