8 yıl önce - Subscribe to Clevver Music! - Visit our website! - Facebook Fan Page! - Follow Us!Nicki Minaj posts new topless photo draped with black locks! Hey Barbz, thanks for checking in with ClevverMusic every day! It seems Queen Barb is at it again. Ever since she joined Instagram last month, she just looooves posting those selfies, and tons of uber sexy grams. Yesterday August 7th she posted this brand new topless photo with no caption, rare for Nicki, but I guess no caption was needed. The pic sees a coy Nicki completely naked from the waist up, with some straight black long locks covering her nipples. Were sure the black hair is just enough to keep her from violating Instagrams terms of use. We arent sure when exactly the pic was taken, but it seems like its #Regram as shes been sporting her short blonde bob as of late. Other sexy grams weve gotten lately include the infamous twerking in a pool video with some motorcycle engine revving. Perhaps Nickis just trying to invent a new social term? Sexygram? Spice up that Instagram Nicki! Your turn to weigh in my friends, is side boob so last year... or is Nicki reinventing Instagram here? We wanna hear from you of course, leave a comment below! Also if you arent following us on Twitter- shame on you. Just follow @ClevverMusic (that is 2 Vs there) and I promise to give you more music news, Misty Kingma signing off.

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