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Ozzy Osbourne Invites Road Recovery Youth Backstage & to Black Sabbath show

HooplaHa Happiness
HooplaHa Happiness
OZZY OSBOURNE of the greatest metal band of all time - BLACK SABBATH invited a group of young people from Road Recovery to have a talk about sobriety and recovery BACKSTAGE at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Saturday, February 27, 2016.

Ozzy Osbourne very candidly answered questions from each and every young Road Recovery participant during an extended discussion within his private dressing room. Ozzy explained to our kids:

"Your gonna go the Ozzy Way or the Easy Way!
I keep on my ass on a daily basis. But DON'T GIVE UP - It's worth living for...I'm telling you guys it's a much better way of living"
-Ozzy Osbourne to Road Recovery youth backstage

Ozzy treated Road Recovery youth to 16th row tickets at Madison Square Garden to see his band, the legendary Black Sabbath!!!
This event marked the fourth backstage visit that Ozzy shared with Road Recovery youth in our charity's history.

Road Recovery offers amazing experiences at off-site events as part of our RecoveryTrax Program for our enrolled participants who may not have opportunities such as these outside of their homes or given circumstances.

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