Opening To Rugrats Go Wild 2003 VHS

  • 8 years ago
Here Is The Opening To Rugrats Go Wild 2003 VHS And Here Are The Order:\r
1.The SpongeBob Squarepants Video Collection Trailer\r
2.The Wild Thornberrys Movie Trailer\r
3.The Fairly Oddparents:Abra Catastrope The Movie Trailer\r
4.The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius Video Collection Trailer\r
5.Tak And The Power Of Juju Video Game Promo\r
6.Paramount Feature Presentation Bumper\r
7.FBI Warning Screen\r
8.MPAA Rating Screen\r
9.Ascpient Ratio Screen\r
10.Paramount Pictures Logo\r
11.Nickelodeon Movies Logo\r
12.Klasky Cuspo Logo\r
Thats All.\r
©2003 Paramount Pictures & Viacom International Inc.\r
©2003 Paramount Pictures