Opening to A Rugrats Chanukah 1997 VHS [True HQ]

  • 8 years ago
Tape distributor: Paramount Home Video [Nickelodeon]\r
Date of printing: None\r
My childhood favorite on television, and im trying to rebuild my collection; but this is one of the entries that we never had before we donated our old library some 5 years ago.\r
The list of previews:\r
1. Nicktoons video line-up preview\r
2. Its My Best Birthday Ever, Charlie Brown preview [the new movie hits theaters in three days!!]\r
3. Paramount Family Favorites promo [Happy Days]\r
4. A Rugrats Vacation preview [\r
5. Feature Presentation bumper [Viacom variant] / Warning screen\r
6. 1986 Paramount Pictures logo [Viacom variant]\r
7. Nickelodeon montage bumper [yet another childhood pinnacle :-D]