7 years ago

Radeon Crimson 15.11 VS Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta Black Ops 3 FPS Gain and Stutter fix

Hey guys! Amd Crimson Driver is here, and the game that is taking the best advantage of this software is Call of duty black ops 3 as u will see in the video.
Windows 10 Game test i5 4690k R9 290 7Games test Radeon software Crimson vs Catalyst Crimson Driver VS Catalyst Driver 7 Games test :AMD R9 290 .
With hbaoand pcss: 0:00 without hbaoand pcss: 01:55 Hey guys! today amd released a brand new driver thats named Radeon Softwares Crimson.
Hello guys! In this video we are gonna test the performance of call of duty black ops 3, on two amd drivers the 15.11 and 15.11.1, 15.11.1 was released to .