Our Prophet (saas) reported in the hadith that there will be conflicts in the north and south of Yemen, and that Yemen will be divided into two states.

  • 8 yıl önce
ADNAN OKTAR: Our Prophet (saas) says: "In the End Times…" in the time of Mahdi, he says. Now, note (that he talks about) Yemen here; that is today's Yemen that we know of. "…there will be a dissension in the north and south of Yemen. Yemeni people will fall into dispute about the regime, and Yemen will be divided into two states." (Kitab al-Yawm al-Halas, page 562.) This is a one-thousand year-old book. Did our Prophet (saas) tell the truth? See, Yemen actually was divided into two and our Prophet (saas) foretold this exactly as it happened. This is from a one-thousand-year old book of Hadith. You know that Yemen was divided into two, as North and South Yemen, before 1990. And as of 2015, the country has been practically divided into two again as the Sana'a and Aden governments.