Tonight with Moeed Pirzada: An Exclusive Interview with Sheikh Rasheed !!!

8 years ago
An Exclusive Interview with Sheikh Rasheed !!! Interview was conducted few days after PML-N leadership criticized NAB activities in Punjab. PM Nawaz sharif and Rana sanullah openly gave statements against NAB in February 2016 and this interview was recorded in this scenario. Sheikh Rasheed said in the interview that Asif Ali zardari and Nawaz sharif are on same page when it comes to their corruption cases. He said that he had predicted already that NAB will now enter in Punjab and ultimately rangers will have to step in to do operation against militancy and big corruption scandals as well. He accused PMLN Government for corruption and appointments without merit. He said that only Finance Minister Ishaq dar has bettor position and close relations with PM, rest of the PMLN leaders didn’t even have access to meet their PM. He strongly criticized mega projects costs in Punjab.