Shocking Bollywood Breakups & Divorces Of 2016

  • 8 years ago
Breaks ups and divorces seem to be the order of the day in Bollywood and every second day we are hearing of major splits and marriages being called off.

Ranbir Katrina

Perhaps the biggest break up grosser in terms of gossip in Bollywood, Ranbir and Katrina  still have many tongues wagging about them. Well they chose to split at an opportune moment of their upcoming Jagga Jasoos so people also fooled themselves that it could be false. Yet rumours of their strained relation is still on and we believe that they are officially no longer a pair.

Anushka Virat Kohli

This  was quite unexpected and without any hullabaloo. Suddenly we hear they have split. Well with Anushka training for Sultan is this also a means to be in the public eye. We wish it were true for we certainly do not want this cute couple to separate.

Malaika Arbaaz

They say it takes one rotten tomato to spoil the entire basket and in their case it was apparently Arjun Kapoor who  brought about the final goodbye. Strange but true their  relation was anyway a bit strained for its own reasons and then this special bonding with Arjun led to a total collapse. The gorgeous Malaika is now staying separate with her teenage son.

Richa Chadda and Franck

Quite as it happened, similarly it got over. The talented Richa Chadda who has been seen exploring her talents in innumerable flicks could not gain ground on her personal life . Soon the two who had ruffled a lot of eyebrows fell  flat and they split.

Farhan and Adhuna Akhtar

Somehow when it is Farhan people speak with respect and his split was also as smooth and as suave as he is. No one still knows what went wrong and the two do meet each other like good friends and also encourage their individual achievements. A very not happening split to a happening couple in Bollywood.

Sohail and Seema Khan

All is really not well in the Khan household and maybe Salim Khan feels Salman Khan is better off unmarried. For with Arbaaz Khan and now Sohail joining the bandwagon of split couples it is obviously a thing not to treasure in the family. Anyway Sohail after months of laughing in comedy reality shows is now down with this split with his wife Seema Khan.

Pulkit Samrat and Shweta Rohira

Yes, we have been hearing about this and also saw how Shweta’s brother Salman Khan had come to protect the relation. However some things cannot last and the Sanam Re star had to step down in the relation and the two have split. A very good romance came to a sudden end.

Om Puri Nandita

Anyone in the eighties would never have thought Om Puri is a man who could be accused of molestation and physical abuse. However it is true and we have been seeing Nandita Puri put up a brave front but now it is all over as they have finally split as a couple. Good for both as it was getting too much for them.