LEAKED Mahira Khan's FIRST LOOK In Shahrukh's Raees

  • 8 years ago
Okay so Bollywood is getting geared for some great films hai na?Yes as we enter the first half of 2016 we know we are in for a great film experience with SRK giving two of his much awaited flicks, one of them being Raees.

Didn't we tell you that this film is gonna have the Pakistani starlet Mahira Khan in tow and her first look is a real red hot scorcher. Yeah the gal looks cool jn red with SRK in a white pathan syit. Surely the makers of the movie know how to up the interest quotient of a flick and the first shots are really kindling the minds of the masses.

Mahira is sure lucky to have a debut with someone like King Khan and after Deepika,s success we know what role SRK plays in star launches hai na?