Leonardo DiCaprio Wins Best Movie Actor SAG Awards 2016 (1)

8 years ago
eo gave a humble and heartfelt speech urging young actors to learn their craft by watching the history of cinema--noting that when he was 15 years old he himself spent as much time as possible watching and learning from greats as Robert De Niro.
We think Leo should definitely include himself to the list of award winning actors who aspiring actors should watch and learn from, because he is undeniably one of the greats himself. The SAG win is the third Best Actor award Leo has won this awards season for The Revenant, which joins his Critics Choice and Golden Globe statues. He’s gotta be running out of shelf space at this point, but we’re guessing he’s not complaining too much about that. Congrats Leo, it’s about freakin’ time!
So the only question that is left is will he be taking home the Oscar? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and then click right over here to check out the Best and Worst Dressed from SAG Awards Winners Recap.