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The Story Of Kate Moss | FTV.com

FashionTV brings you the story of Kate Moss, the iconic and timeless supermodel who not only took the modeling industry up by storm but inspired photographers and designers worldwide. Discovered at the young age of 14 by STORM Models agency founder Sarah Doukas, Kate Moss has since graced over 300 magazine covers and has been on the cover of Vogue 33 times since her debut in 1993. And still, nothing seems to stop this supermodel. Lauded as one of the original Supermodels, Kate Moss has been a muse, a protegee and an inspiration to all in the fashion industry. Her distinguished ""gamine look"" set a new trend in the 90s as her career blossomed and unfolded. In this special, FashionTV takes you on a trip through the legendary model's career with all the personalities, designers, photographers and more celebrating the mysterious English beauty! Purchase your copy of the FashionTV Kate Moss Special and let us take you on a journey into the world of the most acclaimed fashion icon in the world! SEE it first on FashionTV.

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