Charminar - Venkat, Abhirami, Prakash Raj - Full Telugu Movie [HD]
  • 8 years ago
Watch Charminar Full Tamil Movie release on 2003, casting in Venkat, Abhirami, Prakash Raj and others.

Director : Sagar

Producer : B.R. Naidu, D. Srinivasa Rao

Movie Story :-

Nandu (Venkat) is an orphan and he is given shelter by a police officer Surendra Babu (Prakash Raj). Over a period of time, Surendra Babu encourages Nandu to do illegal activities and then Nandu becomes local don in Charminar area.Keerthi (Abhiraami) warns the friends of Nandu who go to her college to threaten a couple who are in love. After coming to know about this, Nandu decides to approach Keerthi as Anand and make her fall in love with him. In the process, he actually falls in love with Keerthi and also realizes what harm he is doing to the society and to the neighborhood community.Later on it is revealed that SP Surendra is none but the father of Keerthi. The rest of the film is about the battle between SP Surendra and Nandu