Yoga for Cervical Spondylosis - Neck Pain Relief with Yoga Poses - English

  • 9 years ago
The bones in the neck begin to degenerate with aging. Disc degeneration (collapse, of the disc spaces and loss of disc space height) and bone spurs lead to cervical spondylosis. The disc space becomes narrow and gradually compresses the nerve. In advanced cases of cervical spondylosis, spinal cord is affected and may also lead to paralysis of the arm.

Cervical spondylitis could result in severe pain in the neck, stiffness in the neck, loss of balance, and headaches. There are several pranayamas which are helpful in reducing the pain caused due to cervical spondylitis.
There are many specific asanas which are quite helpful in cervical spondylitis. Remember, people with cervical spondylitis should not do any forward bending asanas.

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