Exercise For Cervical Spondylosis | Pain Relief | Yoga In Italian

  • 9 years ago
Back ache and cervical spondylitis is one of the most common disorders today. Cervical spondylitis is the name given to long term stiffening and degeneration affecting the spinal column in the neck. Major back aches are caused simply by muscular insufficiency and inadequate flexibility of muscles and tendons not because of slipped disk arthritis and degenerative joint diseases. All this happens because of sedentary life style, prolonged sitting before the computer. Yogasana proved both palliative and curative in spondylitis as well as back problems. Asanas reduce muscular tension and spasm and also correct posture which leads to regeneration of damaged tissue and reversal of abnormal bone growth.
The spine is one of the most complex and important part of the human anatomy. Cervical spondylosis is an affliction of the spine and causes great discomfort and pain.
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