Sheikh Rasheed in an Exclusive debate on Pakistan's Politics with Dr. Moeed Pirzada
  • 8 years ago
Sheikh Rasheed, Head of Awaami Muslim League in an Interesting debate on Pakistan's Politics with Dr. Moeed Pirzada in Tonight with Moeed Pirzada. Dr. Pirzada puts some serious questions in front of Sheikh Rasheed about his predictions of past and ongoing political scenario which is contrary to Awami league's leaders prediction indicator. On the other hand Moeed Pirzada shared some facts and figures related to 1st and 2nd phase of Local body elections of all provinces, while critically discussing the popularity graph of Nawaz Sharif's government after LB election results. Sheikh Rasheed on the other hand explains how he sees these developments are not big victories for the Federal and provincial governments. He is seeing all these developments through the eyes of layman, people want Food, Cloth and shelter. If government fails to deliver than power of street politics is the only way to strengthen Pakistan's democracy and Institutions.
According to Sheikh Rasheed, PML-N government is involved in adding fake votes in his own constituency. He added saying that we have informed NADRA and Election Commission officials on this subject, while he predicted re-election in NA-122. Sheikh rasheed expressed his concerns on PTI-JI coallition in Karachi against MQM.
The program was aired on 04 December, 2015 on Dunya News.