8 years ago

Subhash Kashyap's Chest Dumbbell Press at Muscle Plus Gym

Subhash Kashyap
Hi everyone, Here you can see the chest dumbbell press exercise executed by Subhash Kashyap at Muscle Plus Gym and below is the description about his video for same workout.

1. Doing dumbbell press on flat bench con-seeding 10 raps on 88 lbs.

2. Doing dumbbell press on incline bench con-seeding 12 raps on 53 lbs.

3. Doing dumbbell press on decline bench con-seeding 17 raps on 53 lbs.

4. A pullover exercise on 44 lbs with 20 raps and followingly con-seeding 4 raps on 59 lbs.

5. Doing butterfly exercises.

6. and in last, of-course the hardest one - Dips after chest exercise & workout.

Catch him on Facebook at - http://www.facebook.com/subhash.kashyap2

For more details please visit - https://www.facebook.com/MusclePlusGymCentre

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