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Orange Line Metro Train, Lahore

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Lahore citizens protest against Orange Line train project
LAHORE: Residents of Kapurthala House have rejected the Orange Line Metro Train project during protest demonstration which will be run on the cost of demolishing their houses located en route of the project.

A large number of families including women with their children have blocked the road and burnt tyres. Protesters have also made the human chain and chanted slogans against Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and the Punjab government while holding placards inscribed different slogans against them.

They said that they have been living for last many decades and will not leave their native homes. They said that only poor people are suffering in the result of this project added that now they are going to be homeless because government and LDA is not paying the actual amount of their houses according to market rate.

Protesters said that their children education will effect if their houses will demolish. They appealed to the Punjab government and LDA to change the route map of Orange Line Metro Train.
“I am seeing a lot of rumors circulating about proposed demolishing of some historical places for Orange Line Metro Train… I would officially like to declare such rumors as baseless and part of propaganda … Before initiating this project; it was our principled decision not to harm any historical place including Chuburji, GPO & St. Andrews Church etc… I have personally presided over a number of meetings to ensure that all such landmarks are protected and preserved in their actual condition as they define the culture and heritage of Lahore … I have been informed that ‘Leader’ of a certain political party was also involved in spreading such rumors … I believe that national leaders must confirm facts before spreading a word because they influence and shape public opinion…. We all must act responsibly as honorable citizens of Pakistan.” - Punjab CM Shehbaz Sharif.

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