The journalist who tripped a Syrian refugee in Hungary is a type of a person who lives with her logic rather than her conscience
  • 9 yıl önce
Bulent Sezgin : In Hungary,  as the refugees  who did not want to be taken to the camp were running away, a woman journalist , Petro Lazslo,  tripped up a refugee running with a child in his arms. The refugee who was tripped up fell down on the ground. This picture attracted wide-scale, negative  reaction in all over the world. There is the video of the incident as well.  The journalist was then fired.

Adnan Oktar: That [journalist] girl should be a very interesting type of person indeed; she probably has many other  weird beahaviours if they dig enough. Let me see her ; sometimes such incidents happen. There are many different types of people. Some people have a sadistic manner, a manner without any mercy. Those refugees are already in fear of death; they are all puzzled about what to do.  What do you gain of tripping him up? She doesn’t even have a guilty conscience. How can a man conduct such  cruelty and still  live in peace? H