Texan schoolboy Ahmed Mohamed invited to the White House after his arrest over suspicious clock

  • 9 years ago
Ahmed Mohamed is aged 14. His hobbies – inventing stuff. The teenager’s school week has included an invitation to visit the White House. He has also felt the long arm of the law.

A clock he invented and took to school was mistaken as a bomb. A visit to the headmasters office followed and the police called.

The bespectacled ninth grader was led away from MacArthur High School in handcuffs and finger printed in a room he says with five officers. No charges have been filed.

“That’s a very suspicious device. We live in an age where you can’t take things like that to school. So of course we’ve seen across our country things happen. We have to err on the side of caution,” explained Chief Larry Boyd of the Irving Police Department

By Wednesday the case of the school boy and the ticking clock had become an internet sensation.

Twitter users have praised his initiative. The teenage Muslim’s treatment has been sharply criticised. The Council on American-Islamic Relations says it is inve